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With the firm belief that the rebirth of Marsala finds its guiding star in beauty

Tramonto Marsala

Perpetuum's Guide

A totally innovative tour guide, a new and democratic way of telling the territory.

sportello delle scuole Marsala


We have decided to make ourselves available to young people who are about to complete their high school education.

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Mulino saline a Marsala Mammacaura
tetto Chiesa Madre Marsala, evento due giorni d'arte

Art and free expression take center stage in an event that values creativity.

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Favignana con barca a vela
Grappolo d'uva rossa

Let's tell the story of Marsala and the wineries that now showcase our territory to the world.

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Treedom Marsala con albero di limoni

Check out our

For a greener world, starting from Marsala.

Thanks to your support, we have adopted 7 trees.

Tramonto giallo spettacolare a Marsala con pescatore e gabbiani

Love and gratitude towards one's own land to achieve a synthesis between tradition and innovation

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