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Perpetuum's guide

A totally innovative tourist guide.

Introduction for the Traveler

There are many guides and itineraries about Western Sicily. There are even more viral Instagram reels from loud-voiced influencers, saved and then lost in archives.

What we set out to create - initially as a game, then a bit more seriously! - is a collection of places, restaurants, tips, and anecdotes that tell the story of Marsala, selected by those who live in the city and know its secrets: a "self-produced" guide by the people of Marsala, properly surveyed through repeated polls involving our Instagram page followers.

Sicily is an island and a continent: each city, each town, sometimes each neighborhood has the ability to tell its own story, often complex and intricate, difficult to assemble and even more difficult to understand. On the other hand, as we know, discovering a place is easier when there is someone to point out what to see... and where to eat!

Our proposal aims to accompany the reader in discovering Marsala - the ancient Lilibeo - whether as a tourist or a confused fellow citizen trying to organize an unforgettable summer vacation promised to colleagues from the north who are visiting.

To start the journey and allow for a deeper immersion into the Sicilian lifestyle, we liked the idea of suggesting some books to the reader for a better understanding of the ancient complexity of our land: "Il Gattopardo" by Tomasi di Lampedusa, "Il Birraio di Preston" by Camilleri, "Il giorno della Civetta" by Sciascia, "I Leoni di Sicilia" by Auci, "La Mennulara" or "Un filo d'olio" by Agnello Hornby.

In the hope of it being useful to you and that you enjoy it as much as we did during the writing process, we wish you happy reading and invite you to send us feedback and suggestions. Our work is and will always be an ever-evolving process.

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